Ceramics collection. It is known from history, that ceramics is one of the oldest of ancient handicraft arts. Ceramics has been developed in many villages and cities of Uzbekistan and each region has its own distinctive features. Samples of almost all ceramics centres of our republic are collected in depository of the museum of applied art. The biggest collection of ceramics consists of works of masters from Tashkent and Rishtan. Here you can find such wares as lyagan, kosa, vases, coated wares, wares from terracotta created by masters from Tashkent: Turap Mirvaliev, Kamal Turpov, Mukhitdin Rakhimov, Akbar Rakhimov, Chulpan Sadikov, A. Ya. Raufov, R. A. Akboliyan, A. U. Alimov and others. Also unique wares manufactured by Tashkent Ceramic Factory in fifties and sixties are kept in depository of the museum.

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Exhibition ЂUzbek strawї

At present many people know about art, ЂUzbek strawї, the founder of. This art is a member of Creative association of artists of Uzbekistan attached to Academy of arts of Uzbekistan Atabek Uyldashev.

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Exhibition of uzbek skull-caps

During centuries-old history the people of Uzbekistan created fine works of applied arts. One of the most popular and widespread types of applied arts was always the skull-cap. The skull-cap is integral part of uzbek national attire.

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