In 1927, the first exhibition of best works of Uzbek masters was conducted. Subsequently it has grown to a permanent one and became known as "National Exhibition of Uzbekistan".

In the following years, the exhibition was enriched with different works of art. Along with it, other samples like hand-made embroidery, jewellery, carpets and other works of applied art that were made in past centuries were bought and demonstrated at the exhibition. Namely these collected samples of applied art were demonstrated in the Museum of Handicraft Art which was opened on 7 of July 1937 in Tashkent.

In 1960, the museum was renamed to "Permanent Exhibition of Applied Art of Uzbekistan"

In 1997, the museum was handed over to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and received a status of the "State Museum of Applied Art".

At present time, priceless samples of applied art created by golden hands of masters from the first half of XIX century to the present time are collected in depository of the museum.

Facade of museum 1942 year Facade of museum 2012 year

Works of applied art that are kept in depository of the museum could be divided into 3 groups. Firstly, these are works of applied art that were created on the basis of ancient traditions and are related to different schools which reflect originality of individual region. Secondly, these are more enriched by ornamental patterns works that were developed since the second half of XX century and which were made using traditional methods of folk masters. And the third group consists of works of applied art that meet requirements of contemporary art and which are decorated by rare multicoloured ornamental patterns.

Collected in the depository of museum works of art are kept in collections that are divided into 20 titles and demonstrated in expositions by its kind. Uzbek people are known to the whole world for its ancient applied art.

To get in one of halls, simply press it.

Салон Turkistan Салон Minzifa Чеканка по металлу и ножи Лаковая миниатюра Машинная вышивка Ювелирные украшения Золотое шитьё Ковры Резьба по дереву Резьба по дереву Набойки Музыкальные инструменты Стекло Фарфор Ткани Керамические изделия Центр ремесленников Хрусталь и стекло Национальная одежда Ручная вышивка Мелкая пластика Керамика Центральный зал Малая гостинная

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