100031 Uzbekistan,
Tashkent, st. Rakatboshi,15


(+998)-71 256-40-42
(+998)-71 256-39-43

Work's time
9:00 - 18:00
The cash departments
are closed at one
o'clock earlier



Excursions on a museum available in 5 languages :

Х Uzbek
Х Russian
Х English
Х German
Х French

Excursions are spent according to forward orderings by phone

also it is possible to order excursion on a place, after the arrival in a museum.



Exhibition ЂUzbek strawї

At present many people know about art, ЂUzbek strawї, the founder of. This art is a member of Creative association of artists of Uzbekistan attached to Academy of arts of Uzbekistan Atabek Uyldashev.

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Exhibition of uzbek skull-caps

During centuries-old history the people of Uzbekistan created fine works of applied arts. One of the most popular and widespread types of applied arts was always the skull-cap. The skull-cap is integral part of uzbek national attire.

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