There are more than 70 items collected in the collection of musical instruments. Leading masters of the Republic created these instruments. There are such instruments as sato, tambur, gijjak, rubob, surnay, karnay, nay, chag, doira, nogora and other instruments. Among them you can find instruments that are decorated with precious stones, nacres and thin ornamental patterns created by U. Zufarov, A. Abdullaev, Sh.Ermukhamedov, A. Zakirov.






Exhibition ЂUzbek strawї

At present many people know about art, ЂUzbek strawї, the founder of. This art is a member of Creative association of artists of Uzbekistan attached to Academy of arts of Uzbekistan Atabek Uyldashev.

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Exhibition of uzbek skull-caps

During centuries-old history the people of Uzbekistan created fine works of applied arts. One of the most popular and widespread types of applied arts was always the skull-cap. The skull-cap is integral part of uzbek national attire.

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