On the biggest collections in museum's depository is hand-made embroidery. Most of hand made embroideries is related to the end of XIX century and beginning of XX century. Sericulture was well developed in Uzbekistan and almost all regions were producing flossy threads for embroidery. Mainly women were involved in embroidery. Little girls were becoming proficient in embroidery since 8- 9 year of age. By tradition they were making embroideries for their dowry. In the past there was not a single Uzbek family that didn't decorate the walls of their house with embroidery. Houses were decorated by such wares of embroidery as: palyak, gulkurpa, zardevor, chaishab and other.

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Exhibition ЂUzbek strawї

At present many people know about art, ЂUzbek strawї, the founder of. This art is a member of Creative association of artists of Uzbekistan attached to Academy of arts of Uzbekistan Atabek Uyldashev.

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Exhibition of uzbek skull-caps

During centuries-old history the people of Uzbekistan created fine works of applied arts. One of the most popular and widespread types of applied arts was always the skull-cap. The skull-cap is integral part of uzbek national attire.

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